Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Strange Disappearance

Thanksgiving 2006. This is where things turned my world upside down. The plan was an emergency detour to New York City, the Big Apple, the greatest city in the world (or so I've heard). I was set to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, with extra stops to the Empire State Building, Radio City Music Hall, the Statue of Liberty, and, well, pretty much everything that could possibly be squeezed into five days. The lovely Lee Ann packed me up, took me to the post office, and sent me on my way.

What happened next is speculation. I never arrived at my destination. That much is certain. I might have ended up behind a file cabinet in a NYC post office. I could be at the bottom of a pile of undelivered mail. Perhaps a kid is wearing me like a cape somewhere in Harlem. Whatever my fate, I know that the big guy and I likely will never be reunited. But it was nice that the last person I spent time with was Lee Ann. Things could have been worse!

So while I've been in limbo, there's been plenty of sightings of me, which of course, is impossible. But it appears that there are some who would try to fool the public into thinking that I'd resurfaced. Or possible been reassigned to something other than a large shirt... First case in point, this mystery woman (whom I actually met in one of my journeys!) tried to pass off this shower curtain as me. A close likeness, but not quite. Though I wouldn't mind the gig!  (Be sure to click 'em to big 'em!)

Then there were the many who tried to pass off their shirts as me...

Even Joe Cool got in on the action.

As did this Joe Cool wannabe...

Someone even tried to disguise me as a coffee mug
(and not the first time that THAT has happened!)

Thing really got weird when someone spotted this.  When I first saw it, I thought the big guy had finally put up posters to tell the good people of NYC that I was lost.  But then I got a closer look!  It's as close to a perfect likeness of me as you can get (wrong size), but someone was trying to sell "me" on eBay!!!  Of course, by the time the big guy found out about it, bidding had closed, so he didn't find out who the perpetrator might have been.  But only $19.99??  One can't help but wonder if they knew anything of my disappearance...

There have been some other reported "sightings" of me around, and more will be detailed later.  But it does appear that my existence remains in limbo.  And when one is in limbo, one can contemplate deep subjects.  Things like reincarnation.  Could I come back in a different form?  Not as a coffee cup or a shower curtain, but as a shirt again?  Perhaps this is the stuff of future stories....

Monday, February 16, 2009

Party at the Castle

My next trip found me staying in the Southeast, landing me at the Castle of Nannbugg, with the very lovely Lee Ann showing me around the place. She showed me the flowers that mystery men send her, and the fun stuffed animals. I even got to spend a little time with one of them!  We frolicked, we played, we checked out every room in the Castle.  Life was good.  I could have happily stayed there for a long time, and as it turns out, it was bittersweet.  After one last night together, she packed me up for a Thanksgiving date in NYC to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  A date that never happened...  More on that story to come...

Home of the Gators!

Wow.  It's been almost a year and a half since I've been around!  There's a good reason--I was rudely lost, reincarnated, and on vacation!  Well, it's time to let you know what's been going on.  But first, I need to catch you up on what happened before I was lost forever...

After spending quality time in Texas, it was time to leave for the warmer climes of the State of Florida.   
There I was hosted by a wonderful lady and her two children.  While I stayed away from the children, for the most part, she and I spent a great deal of time together.  The girl's got gams!  And some kick-ass shoes (though I think we did something to break the strap on one of them...oops...).

One of the dangers of staying away this long is that some of these links are dead.  As is the case with this one.  :-(  But she remains a fond memory for me!  Maybe we'll meet again in the future!

My time in Florida was short-lived.  Next thing I know, I'm off to another kingdom!