Tuesday, May 25, 2010

O, Canada!

From the boondocks, I was sent away on my very first international trip! Sure, it was just to Canada, but I snuck in without a passport, so it was at least a little exciting, eh! And while I was technically in the Great White North, I found on later inspection that I was actually far further south than Montana!

Anyway, I got to meet the fun lovin' girl known as Cute but Evil (also known as CbE). Oh, my! Two more perfect words couldn't describe her better! Not evil in a world domination way, but evil like you should check for some devil horns every once in awhile! She's got legs that go from here to Edmonton, but it's the lips--oh, the lips!--that caught my attention. And I don't even have lips.

We didn't really get out of the house at all, but that was okay. There was no real need to. Besides, it was cold! And there I was, a nice tropical shirt, with nary a toque to my name! Alas, after awhile, it was time to be sent on. Since I was north of the border, my next couple of stops would stay up there too. Hopefully some Molson would be waiting for me!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Down in the Boondocks

As mentioned earlier, I'm baaaaccckkk! My third incarnation appeared suddenly in Indianapolis, of all places! The big guy was in town to catch the Elton John/Billy Joel concert with a lovely lady known as M. And for whatever reason, I showed up! Looking a bit different than before, but with bolder sense of style, if I do say so myself!

I didn't actually get to go to the concert, nor the great times they had with NY Diva, Living Diary, and even M's sister! And the cute little waitress at a place called Hooters! I got the impression that he'd met them before, but I'm not sure why I didn't get to meet them. I might have to see if that can change somewhere in the future...

Anyway, I got to spend some quality time with M in Indy. I think she and the big guy were a bit hungover as she took them to the airport in the pre-dawn hours of the morning, but as a wonderful surprise, instead of flying back with him (and presumably ending my travel adventures), she ended up taking me home to the boondocks! I'm not sure if that was planned or not, but I'm glad I got to go! Really, an interesting place, the boondocks. She and I snuck out one afternoon and ended up by the bluffs down by the river for one last chance to be together. Then I knew it was time to go. Through my prior incarnations, you can just tell. M and I said our final goodbyes, and she got me ready to go. I knew I was headed back north, but as I later found out, it wasn't back to the big guy. I was off to the land of toques and beavers!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Déjà Vu All Over Again

OK, I'm not sure why I've been blessed in the manner I have. A few years ago, I was lost by the U.S. Postal Service. No one seems to know where. Not even myself. I thought it was the end of the story. Then surprise! I rose from the ashes and showed up at the big guy's 50th birthday party in Dallas! Looking markedly different, but back in action! Being passed around from town to town

Well, it's apparently happened again. After the brief but enjoyable time with Jinsane, I was delivered to another location in Looeyville. And pictures were taken. But then real life apparently raised its ugly head and things got wonky. And the next thing I know, we're all packed up and moved to Florida! And then the next thing you know, they've moved back to Kentucky! And where did I end up? I'm still in a box in storage in Florida. Out of the sunshine, which for a northern shirt is a good thing, but damn, it sure gets hot in here!

I'm in limbo. Never sure when I might get rescued. IF I'll ever get rescued. But the most amazing thing happened! The big guy must have gotten wind of things and pulled some strings, because I'm baaaaccckkk! Again, looking a bit different than before, but still making the rounds! Look here in the days to come to find out who I've been spending my time with!