Tuesday, May 25, 2010

O, Canada!

From the boondocks, I was sent away on my very first international trip! Sure, it was just to Canada, but I snuck in without a passport, so it was at least a little exciting, eh! And while I was technically in the Great White North, I found on later inspection that I was actually far further south than Montana!

Anyway, I got to meet the fun lovin' girl known as Cute but Evil (also known as CbE). Oh, my! Two more perfect words couldn't describe her better! Not evil in a world domination way, but evil like you should check for some devil horns every once in awhile! She's got legs that go from here to Edmonton, but it's the lips--oh, the lips!--that caught my attention. And I don't even have lips.

We didn't really get out of the house at all, but that was okay. There was no real need to. Besides, it was cold! And there I was, a nice tropical shirt, with nary a toque to my name! Alas, after awhile, it was time to be sent on. Since I was north of the border, my next couple of stops would stay up there too. Hopefully some Molson would be waiting for me!

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