Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Nightmare on 16th St. S.W.

Ever have one of those dreams that seemed so realistic, that you couldn't tell where the dream ended, and "awake" began? This happened to me after Princess Stephanie mailed me off to my next destination. I don't know if it was the shots, or the Texas heat, or just the afterglow of Stephanie herself, but I found myself in the midst of a bizarre and disturbing dream.

It involved the big guy's best friend, Moose. A nice enough girl. We've been seen together in the past--there's even a picture of us in an earlier post down there. Never would I have imagined her to be able to do something like I'm about to describe!

I don't have all the specifics. You know how dreams sort of fade away quickly. But what I do remember (or think I remember) is that she got her hands on me in some sort of jealous rage. Rage from having to share me with so many others. Not that SHE ever wore me! Sure, she'd spilled beer on me in the past. Cried on me once or twice, too. But she'd never worn me.

Somehow she'd gotten ahold of me. Me in one hand, and a pair of scissors in the other. And she was half-nekkid. What was about to happen to me?? I finally figured out that it wasn't me that she was really after. I was an innocent victim. In a sick, twisted way, she was going to send me back to the big guy as some sort of belated birthday present. I could only imagine what was about to happen to me. Out of sheer terror, I blacked out. I'm not sure what happened next.

At some point, I awoke. I'm not sure when or where. But I had to check myself. Buttons were all there. Nothing cut out. Whew! Thank goodness it was just a bad dream!

Or was it.....?

Monday, November 20, 2006

Running Across Town

It didn't take long to get from Michelle's place to my next destination. Just across town, really. But a really LARGE town! Soon I found myself in the clutches of Princess Stephanie. No teenagers here! Not that this was a bad thing. Princess Stephanie & I had a wild time together!! It was a little hard to keep track of who was with us during the night, as the drinks came in from every angle! In the end, though, it was ME that she took home! Unfortunately, there wasn't much of a photographic record taken of the evening. The best we could come up with was this shot with her cell phone. At least it leaves a great deal to the imagination! I might add that numerous nasty texts and calls were made with the same phone!

I didn't get to spend as much time with the Princess as I would have liked. I heard her mention something about needing to get me to my next destination quickly. She sent me off with a kiss and a smile. Off to a new adventure. Little did I realize who I was going to meet, or what was about to happen next!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bright, Like the Texas Sun!

After a wonderful time with Lindsey, it was time for me to move on. But not out of Texas. No, no, no! This particular trip was fairly short, and found me in the middle of the state. For the amount of time I ended up staying in this general area, it might as well have become my second home!

When I got to the next stop, I was greeted by another teenager. Ack! Fortunately, this one was a pretty good kid too. In fact, the big guy, in a totally unexpected move, called to see if I had made it there. WHAT??? More proof that he was in on all of this up to his elbows, at the very least! The teenager answered the phone, and told him that Michelle (my newest hostess), wasn't home. The big guy asked to leave a message, saying he was from Montana, and the kid responded, "Oh, we got the shirt! Mom's been running around all day wearing it!" At least I was well-loved while I was here!

Michelle tried something different with me (and I'm always up for something different...), by wearing me almost like a kimono. I don't remember ever being able to do that with the big guy, but I digress... She also did a little bit of photo-editing with me. I don't think I was this bright when I was brand new!

A little later on, she opened up the kimono look, and posed with a little more exposed. No comment on whether or not we took more! ;-) I would have liked to have spent more time here, but apparently I was needed elsewhere. So off I went into the hot Texas sun!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Summer in the Lone Star State

I spent a great deal of time after the Michigan blogger's party with the lovely Roxi. A gentleman never tells what goes on, but let's suffice it to say that she didn't want to let me go! Finally, though, I found myself packaged up and ready to be sent on. By this time, I had already questioned the big guy's intentions in all of this. He didn't seem to make any effort to retrieve me, and frankly, I didn't care. It was during the time with Roxi that I realized that I was no longer an abused victim, but a fun-loving article of clothing that planned to make the best of what the future held!

As I was being mailed off, the only real question that came to mind anymore was, "where will I end up next?" I was ready for whatever adventure that was in my path. What I don't think I expected was to find myself in southeast Texas. In the late part of June. Despite my tropical motif, I'm not really used to the warm/hot weather. I must have passed out from heat exhaustion or something, because when I came to, I found myself in the back seat of a car. What was to become of me?

Fortunately for me, I found that I was with a really pretty lady! Her name was Lindsey. She didn't wait to get me home to run me through my paces. She put me on right then and there! In the car! There was something very exciting about that! And I noticed another thing--she was a redhead! I like redheads! I hope I get to meet some more!

After a long, hot day of work and running errands, she took me home, and we kicked back to watch a little baseball. Yeah--that's Roger Clemens' return to the Astros we were watching.

Needless to say, the down time was just what I needed after the Michigan party. Again, my mind wandered to the possibility of settling down here. I could get used to this. Apparently, Lindsey and others had different plans for me. While my time with Lindsey was short and sweet, it was wonderful. But more adventures awaited me, and soon I found myself once again packaged up and ready to roll...

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Wolverine Country

As I last left you, I was kicked back with Biscuit and Bailey's. And I thought that this was going to be my life. Oh, I was so wrong... At some point, I was wrapped up and shipped off again. Biscuit must have slipped something into my Bailey's, because the next few weeks are a blank to me. I know that I was mailed to another place, but I have no idea what unspeakable horrors happened to me there. There were no parties. No pictures. No record of that time. But a funny thing happened. I took that time to realize that I was enjoying this particular life, as sordid and weird as it may be! It was during this "dark time" that I realized that this was the new me. Sure, I might not see the big guy ever again, but that didn't bother me. I was living life on the edge, and full of adventure!

When I was aware of my next surroundings, I found myself in Michigan, of all places! Detroit, to be precise. Motown! Well, my newfound attitude decided that this was something that I could handle. I was apparently under the care of the very fun Roxi! She introduced me to one of her friends at home. I thought that this was going to be a nice new phase in my life. She apparently didn't agree, and I noticed that she didn't quite understand the concept of the shirt, as I found myself somewhere I'd never been!

Then she took me to Ann Arbor to meet up with her honey, Dan, and some other Michigan bloggers. There we met Barman, SignGurl, Jon, Croaker, Cutie, and BTExpress.

The stories and the drinks flowed freely, and as the night went on, we ended up in SignGurl's room. There we all partook (partaked?) in over 250 Jello shots. You can imagine how things went after that! Lots of laughs, lots of silliness, lots of pictures. The shots must have done something to me, because I found myself sharing half-nekkidness with BTE. And his nipple. I may be scarred for life.

Fortunately, I was left in the care of one of the ladies for the night, whom I also got to spend some half-nekkidity with. Much better than BTE!

All in all, it wasn't too bad in Michigan. Actually, it was alot of fun. For the parts that I remember. Roxi took me back to Detroit, but didn't let go of me for awhile. Once again, I was lulled into thinking that this is where I'd spend my final days. But no, little did I know what was awaiting me down the road...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Abduction Is On (or is it?)

I'm repaired, I've got a couple of extra 'things' added to me, and I'm being mailed home. Yay! Sure, it's back to Montana, but I've been away and neglected too long. But I have this nagging thought in the back of my mind--I think I really liked my time away. They were fairly nice people. And in the end, I wasn't too worse for wear. Maybe I was really beginning to like these people. I sort of felt sorry that I wasn't going to be seeing those people again. But no, dammit! They held me hostage! They abused me! I can't feel this way! I'm not Patty Hearst (for those of you who don't get it, click on the link...)! But if I actually did the things I think I might have, I'll need an excuse. Something to blame it on... Maybe I'll do the research when I get home. Yes, home to the big guy in Montana.

Well, imagine the shock when the package was opened when I got home! It wasn't the big guy! It was a very attractive woman! And this certainly wasn't the big guy's apartment! What just happened? I felt it best to just listen, and see if I could figure this out. And I found out alot! This woman, code-named Biscuit (where do they get these names?), was apparently a friend of the girls in Nashville. I was being spirited around like the underground railroad! While I wasn't sure of where I was, I was relatively certain it was nowhere near Montana! As I awaited my fate, I felt a calm fall over me. I could worry about what was going to happen to me, or I could be like Patty, and just enjoy the ride, and embrace my captors. With that mindset, I was ready for whatever this pretty lady was ready to dish out!

Obviously, from this picture, you can see that I was in the midst of a more laid-back, serene atmosphere. No wild parties, no button-ripping escapades. Just a glass of Bailey's, a warm fire, and her company. I was in great hands. I could get to like this, I think...

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Held Captive

Without question, the last days of 2005 showed me a whole new life that I didn't know existed. It was, for the lack of a better term, scary. I had not seen so much alcohol, so much nekkid skin, so much other stuff in my entire life.

I have to admit that, for the parts that I remember, I had a good time. The dawn of 2006 saw me a little damaged, but looking forward to going home. It was sort of warm in Nashville, and the big guy would wear me anytime during the cold Montana winters. But I was ready to head back.

And then it happened. The big nothing. I spent the better part of the next 10 weeks as a captive. No attempts to send me back. No attempts by the big guy to come get me. Did I do something so horrible that he didn't want me back? Or that Kelly couldn't face me again? Was Sam going to come rescue me (I kinda liked her, too...)? Around mid-March, Kelly hands me off to her daughter. Finally! I've been noticed. But given to a young teenager? What horrors was I going to be subjected to now?

Actually, she's the one who showed me some love. She replaced all my buttons (all mismatched), and added a few 'extras'. Including a little jingly bell, a pink ribbon, and a few other things. The next thing you know, I've been packaged up and sent off in the mail. I'm finally going home! Or so I thought...

New Year's Eve Eve Party

The big guy and I returned to Montana in time for Christmas, but apparently not before a little negotiating between him and some of the Nashville girls. The girls were going to throw a little New Year's Eve Eve party and invited him to come. Since he wasn't going to be able to swing it, he offered to send me in his place. And so it began...

I was sent off to Kelly, a cute little leprechaun of a girl. She had plenty to celebrate, so I knew that it could get wild and crazy, but I wasn't worried. I guess I'm just not wise to the ways of the world. It started off tame, with Kelly donning me, but I apparently stay with her very long. Lola grabbed me, and did some bizarre things with me that I don't ever remember the big guy doing.

Don got ahold of me at some point. I'm not sure if I'm more disturbed by the cowboy boots, or the tent being pitched...

Don's wife Sam then got in the act, and I felt I was finally going to get to spend the rest of the evening with someone safe. Remember those curves I mentioned in the last post? Yeah--I had the same feelings here. Next thing I know, Kelly has crawled in with us (remember--I'm a big shirt). And then she burst out like a stripper at a bachelor party. From that point on, the rest of the night is a blur. I think it was about the same time that I lost all of my buttons. I was told later that every one of them was ripped out and flew to all corners of the room.

Kelly grabbed me back and was cocooned by me. Sam somehow ended up with me, and I think I ended up spending the night with her. Since I no longer had buttons, she just tied me up in a knot in front--something else the big guy had never done. She continued late into the evening, giving out zrbts, and eventually passing out while the others took advantage of her condition.

As I mentioned in my profile--this is the party where I was abused, spilled on, and found myself passed from body to body. I was physically maimed, I had my picture taken in compromising situations (think these were the only pictures taken??), and basically humiliated. I'm sure there were other hideous things that happened to me, but no one is talking. The big guy would have probably enjoyed himself here, but this was a bit much for me. Little did I know that this was the beginning of my current adventure. I'll save that revelation for a later time...

Monday, September 18, 2006

An Ominous Adventure

As previously mentioned, the big guy started the whole blogging craze, which started to take up alot of his spare time. Granted, I joined him alot of the time, and he even made a couple of avatars with me--even when he got his hair cut short!

He took me along to Portland when he went to go see the Rolling Stones with a friend of his that he called Just.A.Girl. He took a little side trip to make a surprise visit with a woman he called Addict. She seemed to be a nice lady, but with a strange fascination for sharp, pointy surgical instruments. And it looked like she was trying to draw her own OsShirt all over her body. But he seemed happy to meet her, so that was a good thing.

And then it happened. The local college team was playing for their 4th consecutive national football championship in Tennessee, and he decided to go. Better yet, he decided to drive! And I got to join him!! He got to meet Tish the night before the football game. They got to eat at Hooters (didn't get to go there...) and came back to get ready for the football game the next day.

Then something weird happened. One minute I'm packed away in his bag, and the next, I'm being worn. And not by the big guy! I sort of liked this! A different set of curves to follow, and she smelled a whole lot better. I'm not sure, but this may have been an omen. I LIKED being worn by someone else. This might have been the spark that I needed to start my own adventures!

I didn't get to go to the game, either, but there was a party that night in Nashville with a bunch of his blogger buddies. And I got to meet them all in person! I'd seen them on the computer, but this was totally different! Lots of people, lots of beer, lots of laughs, lots of pictures.

Things were different after that. In a good way. He seemed to have a smile on his face more often, and I started thinking back to the girl that wore me. It tingled my buttons. If there were just some sort of way that I could enjoy that experience again...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

OsShirt - The Early Days

The Early Days--I don't recall much. Just little bits and pieces of things. I'm hanging around in a store, and then I see him. A good-looking man. Dashing, even. Dark hair, with a little gray beginning to show. Hard to determine his age. Probably a Parrothead wannabe. He probably looks younger than he actually is. Not a small man, either, but I'm a big shirt, so I see a match made in heaven. My coloring and flowers are a bit flambouyant, but I think that this guy might be too. And my hunches are correct. He buys me, and we're off for faraway adventures!

Well, the faraway adventures didn't materialize the way that I had hoped. But I quickly learned some things about this guy. He plays trombone in a fairly popular variety band, and I've been to quite a few gigs with him. I've heard he plays in the symphony too, but I've never been there. He's also a beer drinker. I've done alot of that with him. He seems to have alot of friends, mostly girls for some reason, and he's pretty close with his family. Here's a group of pictures from those old days, when life was predictable and easy.

I've done some road trips with him. Gone to a few concerts. Met alot of people, even some famous ones! I thought things were going great with him. Then he got involved with blogging. And that's sort of where the story gets interesting. I hope you'll follow along! (to be continued...)