Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bright, Like the Texas Sun!

After a wonderful time with Lindsey, it was time for me to move on. But not out of Texas. No, no, no! This particular trip was fairly short, and found me in the middle of the state. For the amount of time I ended up staying in this general area, it might as well have become my second home!

When I got to the next stop, I was greeted by another teenager. Ack! Fortunately, this one was a pretty good kid too. In fact, the big guy, in a totally unexpected move, called to see if I had made it there. WHAT??? More proof that he was in on all of this up to his elbows, at the very least! The teenager answered the phone, and told him that Michelle (my newest hostess), wasn't home. The big guy asked to leave a message, saying he was from Montana, and the kid responded, "Oh, we got the shirt! Mom's been running around all day wearing it!" At least I was well-loved while I was here!

Michelle tried something different with me (and I'm always up for something different...), by wearing me almost like a kimono. I don't remember ever being able to do that with the big guy, but I digress... She also did a little bit of photo-editing with me. I don't think I was this bright when I was brand new!

A little later on, she opened up the kimono look, and posed with a little more exposed. No comment on whether or not we took more! ;-) I would have liked to have spent more time here, but apparently I was needed elsewhere. So off I went into the hot Texas sun!


Robyn said...

You look good all brightened up there shirt. =) Can't wait till Christmas... hehe

Michelle said...

Loved the time we spent together. Although, it was way to short. :)

Stealth said...

hehee...sarong over here...I love seeing how we all do something different :-)