Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Beginnings

Wow! It's been a year? Wish I could say it's because I've been having all sorts of fun, and to some degree I have, but I feel like I've changed. In fact, I know I have.

After my strange disappearance, the next thing I know, I'm in Dallas again! And the big guy is there. And one or two others that I'd already met. It felt like a dream. But no, they were all really there! Apparently the big guy turned into the old guy, as he was celebrating his 50th birthday here at Shumpy's! Turns out I'd been reincarnated or something, as there was a real difference in my appearance. Not to question the greater plans of a higher being, I just accepted the fact that I'd changed, and looked forward to more adventures! Somehow, five months had just disappeared, but who am I to question such things?

My biggest question at this point...where would I be going next? And with whom???

1 comment:

The Covert Lover said...

Wow, that is a drastic change.
If I'm reincarnated I want to be a firy redhead with boobr about half my current cup size... just sayin'. :-)