Monday, April 11, 2011

Pool Party, and Other Things!

There wasn't much turnaround time after arriving at the big guy's place. He apparently has gotten caught up in this whole "traveling all over the place" thing. No sooner do I arrive back in Montana, than I'm packed up, ready to join him in meeting up with some old friends!

It was off to the Empire state to spend the weekend on Long Island
with BTExpress, and his girlfriend
Lori. BTE was throwing a party to show off his new pool/landscaping in his back yard, and the big guy jumped all over that opportunity! BTE and I met when I was in Detroit, and the big guy had met the both of them at his birthday soiree a few years ago. As a surprise for BTE, the always lovely Shizzle showed up to spice up the day! It was great to see her again!

There was drinking, eating, swimming, chatting... Really a wonderful afternoon! As the chicken on the grill was just getting ready to be served, Hubman and Another Suburban Mom came around the corner! Lots more fun ensued, and more pics were taken. Hubman and ASM hadn't seen each other in quite a few weeks (he'd been off on business half a country away) so they were more interested in getting reacquainted than sticking around with the rest of us. Which is understandable. The next thing I know, everyone else is skinny-dipping in the pool, and I'm left on the side to watch. Which wasn't such a bad thing...

Before heading back to Montana, the big guy had a lunch date with Minority Report. They met up near LaGuardia, and had a very nice lunch. There was some time left before her train left, so we all took a quick trip to a nearby park, where she and I met face to face, as it were. A quick meeting, unfortunately, but a wonderful one! Hopefully we'll get to meet up again!

I ended up going back to Montana, but little did I realize what was on the agenda next! Passport requirements had to be checked!


BTExpress said...

I can see this is the G-rated version of the photos taken that weekend. Maybe that's all for the better, no sense making everyone jealous. It was a weekend that I know I'll never forget. Thanks y'all.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Still nothing from Wenchy...