Friday, July 02, 2010

Gettin' Sassy In the Land of Toques

One more trip along the southern shores of Canada was in store, as I was headed to the Toronto area. I shortly found myself cuddled within the ample bosom of the girl they call Sassy! I was a little nervous about this visit, as word had it that she was a bit of a wild woman, and that her name fit her perfectly. I soon realized that I had nothing to worry about.

Motherhood has mellowed Sassy to some degree. Not that she's a spinster or anything like that! But after being around kids all day (she's a teacher), and then coming home to a handsome young man that has stolen her heart...well, she's not dancing on the tables quite like she used to. At least in public. Her household is an interesting mix of family stuff with a dash of naughtiness. She and Mr. Sassy leave naughty or crude love notes to each other with the refrigerator letter magnets. It's cute!

Hopefully, I figured I might get into a couple of pictures with her boy, as it seems she takes pictures of him daily (and how can you blame her? he's cute as a bug!). So imagine my surprise when one night, as she was wearing me while working on school papers, she got "comfortable", grabbed a Moosehead, and started working on her blog. Half-nekkid, even! The old Sassy was back! The boy was in bed, Mr. Sassy was watching TV (hockey, probably), so it was just her and me! Ample pictures were taken...many of which would not be appropriate here!
As it got later, she just left her bra with her blog, and she and I retreated to...well, I'd better not say.

And so ended my adventures in 2009. Soon I found myself back in the town where this all started, but with a vastly different group of people. I could tell that 2010 was going to be a good year!

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I want her to use my computer!!