Saturday, July 24, 2010

Back to Music City

I've been on the shoulders of some famous people's likenesses on this little adventure over the years, including Stevie Ray Vaughan, the Statue of Liberty, and even a neon pink Jesus! But my next stop found me on the shoulders of the King. This could mean only one thing--I was back in Tennessee! However, I wasn't with the ladies from my past. This time it was with a very nice man with a weird name--13Messages.

Undoubtably the thing I noticed right off the bat is that the internetz girls seem to like him. Quite a bit. And that he is wildly in love with his wife. In fact, I think there were more pictures with her than with him! He does love his camera! We didn't really get out around town on this trip, but I know he and the big guy had a surprise for me that would more than make up for that! We had some wine, we had some fun, but nothing prepared me for what was to come! Yes, Tennessee seems to be a great state for fun, and I haven't been disappointed. The year 2010 was shaping up to be a pretty good year. And I hadn't even gotten the surprise yet! Just when I figured I was about to be shipped off to an unknown location, we got a visitor...

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