Thursday, August 09, 2007

Live Music Capital of the World

My time in Kentucky was short-lived, because Texas Spitfire apparently wasn't through with me, and again threatened people with her gun. So I make it Dallas again (you'd think that I lived here...), where Spitfire has met up with AndyT13! And we head to Austin!!

I'd never been to Austin, which makes sense, since the big guy hadn't either. But I can remember watching Austin City Limits on TV! But I had no idea! Music, music, music as far as the eye can see and ear can hear! And friendly people all over. I was passed around to all sorts of strangers to wear. We walked around, and saw Stevie Ray Vaughan! And the Statue of Liberty!

Alot of time was spent around the pool. And frankly, I preferred looking good on her, than on him, but all the while--I did look good! While I enjoyed Austin, I had other places in Texas to visit. And while I looked good with the guitar god (Stevie, not Andy..., well, Andy too!), I was not prepared for who I'd be found with next!

1 comment:

Stealth said...

Yes, Stevie was a pimp before, but we completed his look with your shirt. :)

That is the one picture you OWN of me, lmao!!! I was pretty stingy with the shirt was no one's fault. she traumatized me with my, er, her gun.

((((I LOVE YOU)))))