Saturday, August 04, 2007

I'd Ride Her Harley Any Day!

After being sent away from the zoo, I found myself in the clutches of a very lovely woman and a motorcycle. This definitely wasn't your typical biker mama by any means! I found my self with No One Special (though I'd disagree to the end of time with that name!).

I remember that it was fairly smoky at the time. Lots of forest fires still around, so I figured I was still in Montana. I definitely remember jumping in the shower with her! I don't know if it helped with the smoky smell any, but it certainly put the starch back in my collar, if you know what I mean!

It quickly became apparent that my destiny was to travel, and not settle down too long at any one location. True to that end, I found myself being sent off to my next stop. Down to the land of rednecks!

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