Saturday, August 11, 2007

Days and Nights In the Kingdom of Mean!

I went from one bastion of higher education to another, and found myself the guest of the Queen of Ass! The first couple of days, I stayed in her office, tucked away with many of her textbooks. And some funky art! She had studying and tests and all that good stuff. I basically had about a week off with her, which was nice. Those Texas girls all ran me ragged!

When she was finally able, we had a little makeout session! And then one thing led to another... And, well, I'll let your imagination wander. There were a few other pictures too, but I'm too shy to be posting them here! All in all, I had a wonderful time with the Queen. She seems to be a bit busy all the time, but she's a pretty cool lady! She had one more surprise in store for me, but that came much later! The last thing I remember about her is being sent off for an adventure in Florida!

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Stealth said...

Your shirt is a total tramp OS. hahahahaha....I love this blog.

Dear Mr. Shirt,

Please stop acting like you don't molest US!