Friday, August 03, 2007

My Time At the Zoo

I spent the next couple of days at what I think had to have been a zoo. There were cats everywhere. And a couple of dogs. And horses. And bears. Hummingbirds. Deer. Raccoons. All being run by a very attractive redhead! I seem to have met alot of redheads so far! I learned that this one's name was Crimson. An appropriate name!
This one was different though. I actually felt like I was in a photo studio, rather than having my picture taken at the spur of the moment. Was she a famous model or something? Was I about to become famous? Only time would tell. In the meantime, I played with the cats, the dogs, the horses.... And then one day, I was packaged up and mailed off. Apparently, the adventures were going to continue!

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