Sunday, August 05, 2007

Do All Rednecks Look Like This??

The next stop on my adventure took me to the land of sunflowers and tornadoes and girls in pigtails, clad in blue gingham dresses. Unless you're off to see a transplanted Okie who was born in Alaska! I was happy to be the guest of the Redneck Eskimo, who has been a friend of the big guy's for quite awhile. She was still getting used to her new town, and her new job. But she was willing to take me in for a few days! We didn't get to see a great deal of the new town, since she was sort of new herself, so we mostly stayed in. The really noticeable thing? The rednecks in Montana don't look like this! My next stop? Back to Dallas again. Apparently I didn't get to meet everyone I was supposed to. But who could have anticipated what was about to happen next??

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