Friday, August 10, 2007

Ye of Little Faith!

I might have been in the presence of some music gods in Austin, but when I came back to the Dallas area, I wasn't prepared for this! I ended up with Andi, of Estella's Revenge. I'd heard that she was sort of a bookworm, but DAMN! And not only that, she was teaching at the same time! And working on her Master's degree! Wow! I'm not sure I ever made it home with her, but I did spend time in her office, and found myself adorning a neon pink Jesus. I quote from her site:
    "...the new cute things I found upon arriving in my office this morning. One is the "Answer Me Jesus" doll. He's a neon pink Jesus that works something like a magic 8-ball. You simply shake him and receive and receive answers to all of life's questions. Things like: "Resist the Devil!" "I Died for This?" and "Ye of Little Faith!" In addition to the pink Jesus TheOtherFeminist also bought us a lime green Buddha head in an orange box..."
I'm not totally sure if I'm going to Hell for that, but I suppose I could always ask him! All I know is that I was on my way to visit a Queen!

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