Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Green Adventures of the OsShirt

I arrived in Homestead fairly unscathed although, I have to say, it was HOT here. Queenie squealed like a kid when she opened me. What a greeting! The first thing she did was sniff me. I think it was to see how much trouble I caused before arriving to her. I think Queenie is a bit…weird. That became even more evident when she told me where she was taking me. Apparently, she thinks that my life needed some greening up and she thought it was her duty to teach me how to be more eco conscious.

Yep, we went to some hippy freak, earth loving festival. (The Miami Going Green Festival to be exact) Her hub was given the privilege of wearing me and boy did we look awesome although, I didn’t think that we would fit in very well. It was a beautiful day in Miami. Warm, sunny with a picture perfect balmy breeze blowing. Ahhh paradise. As we arrived, I realized that this wasn’t going to be such a weird experience. These earth lovers know how to throw a party.

I was educated about water conservation, recycling and composting. I heard about eco friendly home improvements. I met some fabulous people from the National Park Service who told me how important it was to be aware of my local eco systems and ways that I could enjoy them responsibly. There was music being performed. Earth friendly cleaning demos. I spoke to a couple of guys about wind power and another that wanted to help Queenie convert her new casa over to solar power. And ohhhh the food smelled delicious and most of it was vegetarian because as I was also taught, animal based diets are one of the leading causes of pollution in the world. I could eat vegetables all day if they all smelled like this. Yum.

I even managed to find some of my relatives!

We got to see 100% electronic cars that had been built by local high school students. I also got to get up close and personal with a fully solar powered boat that could take it’s passengers from Miami all the way to Bimini without using one ounce of gas.

Apparently the owner of the boat didn’t like us getting so up close and personal with this magnificent boat. Who knew that we weren’t supposed to board that sucker and enjoy a little fun. It really was a shock that it had to come to this though:

Who said that eco warriors couldn’t have any fun?

My time wasn't all spent getting hippie-fied. I seem to remember some pics with Queenie herself. Remember how I said I thought she was a bit...weird? I'll just leave it at that. Anyhoo, it was time to be packed off and sent on my way. Next destination? A whirlwind of a visit back to Dallas to meet a couple of new friends, and seeing a couple of old ones!


Mistress L said...

Lol, the the look on the cop's face, he actually looks like he's having fun. How do I sign up for the infamous Os shirt?

Anonymous said...

That shirt gets into more trouble...

Love it! :)