Sunday, January 09, 2011

New Friends and Old - Back to Dallas

After spending time in south Florida, I was en route to the Dallas area, and surprisingly, met even more new people! I thought I'd met everyone there. Dallas must be a big town!

I found myself in the hands of a nice girl by the name of Triple L. A lovely lady with LONG hair, cats, a fiancé, and she had no problems filling out my bluish goodness! I got the impression that she and the big guy were familiar with each other for quite awhile. I was going to ask why she didn't meet up with us when we were in Dallas together a couple of years early, but silly me, I have no mouth. How could I ask her that?? Anyway, our time together was short, and she was eager to get some pictures taken, which I was happy to oblige.

What I didn't realize is that there was apparently some sort of a timeline involved, and promises made, and my time in Big D wasn't supposed to be too long. I'm not sure how, but some of the others I met here previously heard I was in town and insisted on meeting up. So Triple L ventured out to meet up with Shumpy!

We all met up, had a couple of drinks, then I was off with Shumpy. Since the last time I'd seen him, he'd become an internet radio host! So we went to the studio, where he had an upcoming show. He and I spent the show together, and even appeared on the webcam! We went back to his place, where I met somebody new. His girlfriend and I got to know each other a bit... And now I hear they're engaged! Congrats, guys!

I'm not sure how things happened next, but Shumpy got a call from Q (formerly No One In Particular--what's up with the name changes??). This is the same girl that kidnapped me years ago at gunpoint! Shumpy didn't want a repeat of that situation, and since he knew that we'd met one other time since that incident, he figured it was OK to pass me on to her, as long as I was sent off in the mail within hours. As I said, there was some sort of timeline involved. She was quite gracious, and happy to see me, and I, her. But alas, we did have to cut it short to just one night. Apparently I was to head north. Not Kansas-type north, but northern Minnesota north! Almost to the North Pole north!


tCj (Triple L) said...

Oh, hey! There are boobies!

Only famous shirts get around so much in Dallas. ;)

Anonymous said...

Too much fun!