Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Where Everyone Knows Your Name

I left the sunny (and very warm) days in the southwest and ended up way over on the east coast. The north-east coast, to be more correct. OK, Boston, if you're going to force me to say it. There, I found myself in the company of the very lovely, and very leggy, Monalicious! There do seem to be an awful lot of long legged ladies out there! Anyway, this particular LLL was not only a looker, but she has smarts, too! While I didn't get to meet any of her friends (which was fine with me), I got the impression that she could make them wherever she went. I spent about a week here, but didn't get to see many of the sights. Just as well. I was getting plenty of sights right here!

The last I heard, she up and moved to the South, and got herself hitched. I don't know if our paths will cross any time soon, but here's to hoping! Continuing on, she sent me back on down the coast to see an old friend...

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Stealth said...

That one on the bed is awesome! Your shirt is having more fun than any man on earth, lol